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BMB Seminar Series

Spring 2015

January 20

Presenter: Will Curry
Formation of Heteroaromatic and Aromatic Appended Pyrimidines from Vinylogous Bullding Blocks
Faculty Mentor: John Gupton

January 27

Presenter: Rotimi Omorodion
Rational Design of Topographical Helix Mimetics as Potent Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Dattelbaum

Presenter: Erica Modeste
The Thermostability and Mechanism of Taq DNA Polymerase
Faculty Mentor: Carol Parish

February 3

Presenter: Joe Capalbo
Examinations of the Incorporation of 8-Oxo-2’-deoxyguanosine with the A-family Polymerase Klenow FragmentFaculty Mentor: Michelle Hamm

Presenter: Travis Cuddy
The Problematic Elaschistocleis ovalis - E. bicolor Complex: Assessing Genetic Diversity Through Molecular Data
Faculty Mentor: Rafael de Sa

February 10

Presenter: Jason Andresen
A Mechanochemical Switch to Control Radical IntermediatesFaculty Mentor: Kelling Donald

Presenter: Helen Warner
Faculty Mentor: Christine Helms

February 17

Presenter: Angela Tata
Faculty Mentor: Ellis Bell

Presenter: Thomas Perry

February 24

Presenter: Nicholas Rothbard
Investigating the effects of post-translational modifications on the role of Ded1, a DEAD-box helicase
Faculty Mentor: Angie Hilliker

Presenter: Michael Kimmel
Application of Acyl Group Activation of Bromopyrrole Ester Towards the Novel Syntheses of Rigidins A-E and Analogues
Faculty Mentor: John Gupton

March 3

Presenter: Joe Walsh
Faculty Mentor: April Hill

Presenter: Manavi Johri
Importance of Ile 716 to the mutagenic potential of 8-oxo-2’-deoxyguanosine with polymerase I from Bacillus Stearothermophilus
Faculty Mentor: Michelle Hamm

March 17

Presenter: John Ciemniecki
Faculty Mentor: Krista Stenger

Presenter: Alex Badicenau
Faculty Mentor: Kristine Nolin

March 24
Presenter: Laura Murray
Faculty Mentor: Eugene Wu

Presenter: Tim Becker
Faculty Mentor: Christine Helms

March 31
Presenter: Jacqunae Mays
Citrate Regulation of Malate Dehydrogenase
Faculty Mentor: Ellis Bell

Presenter: Audrey Kindsfather
Cooperation between two RNA helicases promotes translation
Faculty Mentor: Angie Hilliker

April 7
Presenter: Kenton Meronard
Investigating the role of Ded1, a DEAD-box helicase
Faculty Mentor: Angie Hilliker

April 14
Presenter: Chun Li
Faculty Mentor: Ellis Bell

Presenter: Amanda Walsh
Faculty Mentor: Eugene Wu