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The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program offers students the opportunity to study life processes at the molecular level and gain an understanding of biological organisms from a chemical and physical basis.

Department News

Becky Chen, ’16, BMB major/math minor, received a SIGMAA award in Environmental Mathematics at MathFest 2015. This award recognizes an exceptional presentation that involves work on a problem arising from environmental sources.

Alumna Lauren Folgosa Cooley, '10, became the first person to complete the Ph.D. concentration in cancer and molecular medicine at the VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research. Learn more.

Faculty Highlights

  • Article in "Structure"

    Dr. Eugene Wu, along with chemistry colleagues Bill Miller III and Carol Parish and Lorena Beese from Duke University, published "The Closing Mechanism of DNA Polymerase I at Atomic Resolution," in the journal Structure.

  • New Article

    Drs. Jonathan Dattelbaum and Michael Leopold, along with students Margot Hilliyer, Alisha Cerel, and Lauren Finch, published "Multi-Technique Quantitative Analysis and Socioeconomic Considerations of Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic in Children's Toys and Toy Jewelry", in the journal Chemosphere.

  • New Article

    Dr. Eugene Wu and colleagues have published "A Conservative Isoleucine to Leucine Mutation Causes Major Rearrangements and Cold Sensitivity in KlenTaq1 DNA Polymerase" in the journal Biochemistry. Several recently-graduated University of Richmond undergraduate students are co-authors on this work.

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Program co-coordinators: Dr. Krista Stenger and Dr. Jonathan Dattelbaum